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Damage caused from ball end strings deadens your guitar and could crack,split,or pull the bridge up and damage or destroy the guitar top. "Plate-Mate" installed enhances the sound of your guitar.
Revolutionary design protects your guitar bridge plate from damage caused from ball-end strings,protects your bridge pins, and enhances the sound. Made of special brass and installs in minutes. No tools requires. Used my many big name bluegrass and country musicians. If not sure which "Plate-Mate" fits your guitar e-mail us your model with payment and we can send the correct one.

These stainless steel rings come in four different styles and can have any name or names stamped on these rings. We can also color your name in black and a heart in red or most any other color (black & red work best) between both names. We have had people that have gold and other allergies use our rings unstamped as a wedding band. All we need is your ring size and the style to make you a ring you will be proud to wear. Quick turn-around makes these rings great for friendship, group names, in memory of, and just about any other need to put a name on a ring.
Note: (A jewelry store can measure your finger for the ring size most of the time for free)

Before and After Platemate Mitchel's PlateMate comes in the following standard sizes and also custom ordered sizes.

2" Spacing
2 1/8" Spacing (fits most guitars 1939 - present)
2 1/4" Spacing
2 3/16" Spacing (Collings, Taylor, Larivee)
2 5/16" Spacing (pre-1939 and newer vintage models)
Twelve String Spacing

Platemate Sizes: